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The List of YTS Proxy and YTS Alternatives

The YTS torrent site was the creation of a notorious movie uploader who goes by the alias of yify. There is some mystery regarding the founder’s true identity, but the acronym YTS supposedly stands for YIFY Torrents Solutions. What started as an exercise to upload movies for friends soon became something more and thousands of users accessed the site regularly to download the latest Hollywood releases.

YTS torrent mirrorThe originator shut down the site in 2015 amid investigations into his identity. Large lawsuits were threatened in attempts to stop the pirating of copyrighted media files. Today there are sites that use the YTS brand and may or may not be legitimate descendants of the original site.

The List of YTS Proxies & Mirrors:

URL Status Speed sslSSL
checkyts.am on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkyts.pm on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkyts.gs on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkyts.unblocked.pub on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkyts.unblocked.app on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkytss.unblocked.si on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkyts.mrunlock.icu on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkyts.unblocked.tw on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkyts.unblocked.bet on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkyts.mrunlock.xyz on Online Very Fast ssl on On


Why is YTS Blocked?

A simple answer is that the site is blocked to conform to the copyright laws that exist in the country from which you are attempting to gain access. Your ISP is liable to have a long list of forbidden sites and YTS is one of them. Some locales take copyright infringement more seriously than others and if you live in one of them, you cannot directly access the site.

Even if you are not geo-blocked, your ISP may not want to provide you with the bandwidth necessary to successfully download content. They may block your connection or throttle your download speed in an attempt to discourage your use of the website.

How Can I Get to a Blocked YTS Site?

There are mirror and proxy sites for YTS which can be found with a simple Google search. These might not be blocked by your ISP. The mirror site should have the same content as the original site. It is just located on a different server.YTS torrent proxy

A VPN might be the best choice when trying to get around an ISP blockade. Using VPN software enables you to connect to the torrent site from a server located in a country that does not impose copyright laws. It also hides your IP address so you can torrent in anonymity and not be concerned about your online activities being tracked.

7 BEST Alternatives to YIFY

1. PutLocker

primewire alternative

When it comes to online streaming sites that have been around for much longer than most people expected, PutLocker is among the first that come to mind. This venerable online streaming site may look slightly outdated, but we believe that its conservative design only adds to its charm. After all, the content is what matters the most, and PutLocker has more than enough content to satisfy even the most demanding online streaming enthusiasts. In addition to the latest movies and TV shows, you can use PutLocker to watch Asian dramas, Japanese cartoons, and classics from the golden age of cinema.

2. SolarMovie

primewire alternative site

SolarMovie sports a very modern design with a ton of handy features that make it very easy to use and very hard to live without. For starters, SolarMovie shows an IMDb rating for each movie and TV show, so you can see at a glance which thumbnails are worth clicking on and which you can probably skip. SolarMovie isn’t picky about the video quality of its content, so you can find CAM releases right next to high-quality Blu-ray rips. What’s important is that SolarMovie is always upfront about everything, so there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to the quality of the content you want to watch.

3. 123Movie

best alternative for primewire

123Movie has become very popular in recent years, following the shutdown of several major online streaming sites, including PrimeWire. What 123Movie brings to the table are its modern design, a wide selection of content, excellent media player with support for keyboard shortcuts, and multiple mirrors to choose from. The people behind 123Movie know that ads can be a pain, but they want their users to understand that ads are the only way how they can keep the site afloat without succumbing to such questionable practices as cryptojacking.

4. Popcornflix

popcornflix watch movies

Popcornflix categorizes its content into many different categories, including new arrivals, most popular, Popcornflix originals, action, comedy, drama, horror, family, thriller, sci-fi, romance, mystery, western, old-school cool, documentaries, stand-up comedy, Asian action, bro movies, and foreign firms. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this online streaming site is its media player, which lets you easily create GIFs, leave time-stamped comments, and share your favorite movies and TV shows with friends.

5. Niter

new primewire site

Niter is a young online streaming site that is quickly growing in popularity. All you have to do to watch a movie or TV show on Niter is to click on a poster and press the play button. We appreciate that Niter uses a dark background color, which makes it easier on the eyes at night. Users are allowed to leave comments on the site, but Niter’s community doesn’t seem to be very active at the moment. We expect this to change as the site becomes more popular.

6. Rainierland

primewire not working

Rainierland is one of the best alternatives to PrimeWire because it offers a great selection of movies and TV shows and doesn’t require you to create a user account before you can click on the play button. The site has a simple layout that just works. We guarantee that you won’t find yourself searching for the play button or wondering how you can search for a particular movie. Of course, no online streaming site is perfect, and even Rainierland has a few downsides. Perhaps the biggest one is the fact that the site uses very aggressive ads, so you should visit it only with a capable adblocker.

7. 123PandaMovie


You’ve probably never heard of 123PandaMovie, and you’re not alone. This up-and-coming online streaming site hasn’t been around for too long, and it still has to make a name for itself. But considering how much it already offers, we predict that it won’t take too long before 123PandaMovie becomes a widely recognized name in the online streaming community.