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Web design tips to improve user experience on your site


Developing a website is an integral part of establishing a successful business in this modern world. It provides quick and easy access to important information and details about your business, products, or services. But, just creating a website is not enough to grab the attention of users, providing your users with an excellent experience on-site is also more important. Improving website user experience is all about increasing the satisfaction of your users by improving the availability, accessibility, and efficiency of user interaction with your website.

In this piece of writing, you can find some proven web design tips to improve user experience on your site to convert and keep them engaged with your business for longer.

Opt for a Responsive & Mobile-friendly Design

In this era of advanced mobile technology, consumers use their smartphones not only for internet search but for online shopping as well. It makes it necessary for your website to be a mobile-friendly one. In order to serve the needs of your mobile audience, choosing a responsive and mobile-friendly web design is important for website owners to increase the accessibility and visibility of the site on different mobile screens. If you are unable to optimize your web design for the latest UX design trends, you should hire a digital agency Web Design Sydney to make your site easily viewable on mobiles and desktops. It will help you provide your users with excellent experience whether they are using smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Make Navigation Simpler and Easier

Easier navigation is the key factor when designing your website for a better user experience. There is nothing messy than a website with a confusing interface. When users are unable to find quickly what they are looking for, they are more likely to bounce away for another one listed in the search engine result pages. So, make site navigation easier and effective for your users by using different menu bars, site map, and strategic internal link placements. 

Optimize Page Loading Speeds

If your website will take more than 5 seconds to load its contents properly, it will start losing visitors for one of your competitors. Optimize your website loading speed for media and codes. The use of Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is one of the best ways to boost your website loading speed amazingly. If you are not sure how to find out and fix performance issues of your website that make it slower, you should use Google Lighthouse to figure out how you can improve the page loading speed of your website.

Highlight links

It is one of the best ways to improve user experience on your site. Highlighting hyperlinks with bold fonts or color helps your users notice the link instantly so they can visit the desired page quickly. Underlining external and internal links is another best way to make links noticeable on the site for improved user experience.

Use images Effectively

The use of high quality and most relevant images helps you create a first great impression. Creative and appealing visuals make the overall layout of your website appealing. If it is your business website, make sure to use personalized images rather then using free stock images. As images help your users take a break from plain boring text, the use of the relevant images can also help them understand and consume website content more effectively. However, you should practice basic image optimization tips to make sure they are contributing to overall improved user experience instead of making your website slower. 

Get Found- Do SEO

Developing a website is not enough but you also need to make it easily accessible for internet users. Implementing a foolproof SEO strategy can make your website get found. Do proper keyword research to find the best performing keywords related to your business and optimize your website for those keywords to appear in more search results. You should also be publishing quality and informative content on your website to get it found by people searching with different search terms and queries. Be sure to use different forms of content like text, images, infographics, video, and podcasts to resolve customer queries and problems. Search engines like Google are more likely to rank a website hire that provides their users with high quality, informative, and problem-solving content. 


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