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The Must-Have Features of Hospitality Telephone Systems


Nowadays, customers are more discerning than before and demand more than just food and accommodation from their hotels, especially when it is about telecommunication or connectivity solutions. 24/7 connectivity and effective communication has become the topmost expectation of guests and customers in the hotels. This is the reason why most of the hotels prefer to install  Hospitality Telephone Systems for effective communication between their guest and staff members. In today’s hospitality industry, the guest gets immediate access to smartphones offering them and ultimate flexibility to stay connected. Also, the hotel chains need to put significant efforts to stay competitive when it comes to phone services, data, and videos. The hospitality systems allow staff members to stay connected to their employees despite the location and improve the customer services.

Most of the hotels are now using voice over internet protocol telephone systems with their customers. These telephone systems allow the staff members to operate efficiently and stay competitive in the hospitality industry. VOIP brings competitive business advantages for the hotels, reduces the cost, and improves the customer satisfaction rate.

Here are the must-have features of hospitality telephone systems for your business:


Auto-attendant is an amazing function on which hotels can rely to manage the bulk of guest enquiries. With menu branches and programmable options, this feature allows the staff members to manage requests from the guests, answer their queries, and most importantly stay connected. The feature makes sure that customers are being addressed properly and served efficiently.


Most of the hotels now prefer to provide integrated voice messaging systems for their customers and guests so they can efficiently receive the messages and calls even if the operator is not available.  This feature allowed the hotel staff members to improve their efficiency because the messages can be retrieved anytime in a day; helpful in the cases of shift change and handoffs.

Call accounting

The call accounting systems allow hotels to resell their telecommunication services to guest rooms, event spaces, meeting rooms, and other common areas. Using this feature, you can track the calls, get real-time updates, make bills to manage everything easily.

Unified messaging

The other fascinating feature offered by Nec Phone Systems is unified messaging. You can consider it as a Universal mailbox where the guest can retrieve the voice mails and emails through their inbox and vice versa. This VOIP solution is now considered by many hotels for sharing an effective communication medium with their guests.

Video and audio conferencing

The hotel phone systems come with video and audio conferencing called functions so that the guest and customer can stay connected to their friends and family members all the time they want.

Direct inward dial (DID)

The outside callers can make a call to an extension at the property directly without using an automated attendant or operator. This feature eliminates the requirement of dedicated trunk lines for every extension.
So these are some wonderful features that come with the hospitality telephone systems for your business. Now, most hotels are shifting to voice over internet protocol telephones for effective business communication and customer management. When it comes to VoIP, the phone system not only helps to make the communication better but also shares the monetary benefits with business. The hotel systems give additional value to the guest and allow businesses to stay at the top in the competitive market. These systems allow businesses to manage their communication efficiency and improve customer service.

So if you are also looking forward to reducing the communication cost, share a better user experience, and increase customer satisfaction, install the Hotel phone system today and stay competitive in the business world.


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