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The Best 5 Top Quality 3D Printing Pens For Artist in 2020


Nothing surpasses the pleasure of viewing your works take shape right in the display of your eyes as an artist. If you are viewing to unleash your creativity, you necessitate to seize a 3D printing pens and catch pictures in three dimensions.

However, the method of getting one of these wonderful pens can get become too complex, with numerous brands to choose from, and some can be tolerably expensive. Also, the point that 3D printing pens are approximately innovative doesn’t help enough info. Having sampled a large number of them, here are the five best options to create an endless type of forms and arrangements with ease.

Top 5 3D Printing Pens For Artist in 2020

Following, we have composed a helpful list that includes the top 5 best 3D pens on the market. All 3D pen introduced has a short review and fascinating essential features and advantages to support you better concede what you are purchasing and assist you in making a better buying decision.

1. Leo Evo 3D Printing Pens

The Leo Evo 3D Printing Pens declares that it is advanced for both experts and teenagers. This means that while it provides you with many advanced features that professionals would appreciate, like speed and temperature adjustment. 

It also has various features that cater to kids, like doodle templates and different colorful filaments that come with it.

I was not sure how to cater to two completely different audiences simultaneously, so I was excited to test this product.

Glancing packaging of the pen does not resemble something you would get for a professional, but let’s not decide a book by its cover, or in this case, a 3D pen by its case. Exercising the contents out of the box, you’ve got the 3D printing pens, amazing filaments, and amazing templates that will make the user experience much more pleasant and child’s experience too.


  • Provides you all the basics in an engaging and ambitious price tag.
  • Has enough traits to keep specialists and teenagers utilizing the pen.
  • The LCD screen gives a much better experience.

2. 7Tech 3D Printing Pens

The subsequent up on our list is the 7TECH 3D Printing Pen. This pen was created to be simple to use. With that stated, the organization guaranteed that the product would have an unbelievable silent operating style. Additionally, the pen comes with various features that execute this 3D printing pens, one of the best in business.

The 7TECH 3D printing pens has some exceptional features that are embraced add-ons. For example, it appears with the exceptional thermal controls we’ve examined. Also, the 3D printing pens informs you about filament becoming stuck.

Moreover, if you avoid the super-fast or super-slow extrusion of various 3D pens, you don’t have to bother about this. The pen lets you manage the extrusion according to your selected speed.


  • Simple to use for beginners and expert artists.
  • The 3D pen is lightweight and fairly slim. A delightful addition.
  • The 7TECH 3D printing pens originates with an excellent unclogging system. That limits the filament from obstructing after chilling down.
  • There is an aluminum spatula covered that shields your claws from the heated nozzle.
  • The 1-year warranty is an additional bonus.

3. MYNT 3D Printing Pens

Subsequently, we hold the MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen. As far as my knowledge is involved with this 3D pen, I experience this remarkably pleasant and smooth to use. 3D pens are deemed to be lightweight to assure proper ergonomics and convenient using experience. You do not desire a heavy 3D pen and cannot be used accurately because of that. The ergonomics are involved. The aforementioned pen is not simple to beat gratitude to the lightweight and solid foundation.

The pen also appears with a small O-LED display that presents multiple styles that you sway want to apply on the 3D pen; while most users might count this as a fixture and zip more, I think it is an invaluable accessory and should get its way into more 3D pens in the prospect. The pen also enables you to modify the speed and temperature to ensure proper control over how the plastic is melted.


  • Provides excellent user experience.
  • The OLED screen is a great addition.
  • The ergonomics are superb.
  • Supports both PLA and ABS filaments.
  • The nozzle can be removed for cleaning.

4. Digi-Hero 3D Printing Pens

If you are looking for a 3D pen for a kid, it is essential that the 3D pen you are buying is safe to use and does not have a steep learning curve.

Most of the 3D pens that I have studied so far failed because the DigiHero 3D pen caught my attention because it is a 3D pen that markets itself safe for children. Is it safe for children? I wanted to test and find out.

Top out of the case, you will recognize by the pen’s design and construction that it caters to children; the pen is lightweight. On top of that, you get 12 PLA filaments of random colors in the box, each 10 feet long. In addition to that, DigiHero also includes a removal tool to remove the filament that is not in use, a penholder, and a wall charger that charges your pen using a micro USB.

So considerably, so much, but what concerning the performance? As I expected, the version is what you would want in a 3D pen for kids. The pen lacks more advanced features like removing nozzle or a mechanism that can prevent the plastic from jamming when cold. These are the features that we have come to expect from many 3D printers in the market, but that is understandable, especially when you consider the pen’s price.


  • Great value for money.
  • Comes with 12 PLA filaments that are an excellent addition.
  • It is easy and straightforward to use for kids.

5. AIO 3D Printing Pens

The AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing Pens holds much to offer people in professions that require drawing complex models. It’s elegant, super slim, and comes with an ergonomic touch. The grip is extremely comfortable, therefore easy to design and 3D print with high precision.

You get to control the way your pen draws fully. Also, You determine the flow and speed of the ink. You can also raise or lower the temperature in single increments. The constant flow and speed of the ink and the adjustable temperature ensure that you have an easier time crafting your art. The pen comes with a bright OLED display for easy monitoring of the printing material’s speed and temperature.


  • USB charging, you can use a power bank.
  • Feature loaded.
  • Best for printing on flat surfaces.


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