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Robotic Automation: The Reason You Always Lag Behind Your Competitors


The manufacturing industry landscape is like a marathon. There are pacesetters, those who are quick at fast but can’t finish the rounds, and there are winners. The slow but steady winners. If you’re wondering where your industry lies in this marathon, here’s a breakdown. In the market, some industries start on top, but with time, they can’t keep up their productions and satisfy the expanding markets. They are the pacesetters. There’s also another group that consistently scales up their productions and always meet the customer’s demand. These are the winners. The biggest difference between these two industries is one thing, robotic automation. So, if you’re a pacesetter, and wondering why automation is so important, here’s what your business is missing out on. It’s what makes your competitors look invincible.

  • More collaborative powers

Imagine how much you could accomplish if robots collaborated with workers in production. Look at all the opportunities that would create.
Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. Universal Robots have made this happen, thanks to their robotic arms Cobots. These cobots are mounted with numerous sensors and cameras to facilitate a friendly working environment with workers. Unlike traditional robots, these bots don’t need cages to operate.
Based on several case studies done by Universal robots, the cobots have proven to be invaluable. They improve production speed, efficiency, and solve your labor needs.

  • Employee-oriented technology

If there’s one thing your competitors have understood, it’s this; Employees play a crucial role in determining the business’s success. The more productive they are, the better they perform in the market. That’s why they invest in robots. They then use robots to make the working environment favorable for the employees.
How do you ask?
By improving worker safety. A robot can work in all the hazardous processes in the industry without posing any risk to a worker’s health. Moreover, they can handle all the strenuous, repetitive tasks with ease – relieving the workers of these ‘fatigue’ work. This way, they are happier, healthy, and more productive.

Investing in robotic automation is the best investment any manufacturing industry can make. While the initial costs of purchase may be high, the ROI is fast and worth it. Competition in the market today isn’t for cowards. It’s for industries willing to take risks and invest in technologies that’ll be profitable in the long-run.
And that’s maybe the difference between your industry and your competitors. Modern robots today, like Universal Robot’s Cobots, have an ROI of fewer than 12 months. This means that in less than a year, you’ll be enjoying profits. Robots will improve your production, reduce your labor costs, cut down on material waste, and save on the power costs. This will allow you to cut down your operation costs by almost 12%.

Flexibility in manufacturing is the key to consistency. Even when the market demands change, industries with more versatility will always thrive.
Over the past decade, several industries have integrated robotic process automation (RPA) into their production, and it has changed everything.
With robots, your industry can easily adopt new products, change processing methods, and even increase/decrease production volumes with ease.
You can also redeploy robots to different places in the industry without affecting your productivity. If any, productivity increases.
The robots can handle anything from pick and place tasks to machine tending, to welding, to packaging and palletizing, and even polishing.
They are the perfect tools to work on your production floors.

Final thoughts

Your competitors are smart. They’re always looking for better ways, and better technologies to stay on top and keep you down. More collaborative power, faster ROI, and more flexibility are but a tip of the iceberg of what you’re missing by working without a robot. So, in order to beat them, you always have to be one step ahead. Look for the best technologies and adopt them, including collaborative robots, and research on better production strategies. Be smart; get a robot for your industry.


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