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Reviewing the Best VPS Hosting Providers of India


Are you getting ready to launch a new website project? Congratulations! You are taking your business online. But now you might be taking a look at several web hosting providers. It is the point where you find it tough to decide on which provider to select. Even those who are experienced won’t find it easy to select the right one from the overwhelming number of hosting companies available that cater to different kinds of services and features.

But before you select a web host, you should understand the different kinds of web hosting. Let’s explore the different types of hosting: shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Each of these web hosting types has its own distinct pros and cons which should be understood and can help in finding the solution that best matches your website’s requirements.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic and well-known option for people building their first website. When you select shared hosting plan, the hosting company hosts your website on a server that is shared by hundreds of other websites. It means each website has to share the space and resources on the server with other customers which includes memory, disk space and bandwidth.


The real life example of shared hosting is living in an apartment building. All the residents of the building share it along with the elevators, stairwells, garbage collection and car parking. Shared hosting is the cheapest and most economical option as compared to other hosting options. It strictly comes with limitations. Some companies offers great Shared hosting with and windows VPS hosting with wide features


You don’t have the control over the server and its performance. In case the server is overloaded or if another website uses more than its share of resources, performance can do down.


You can’t scale up due to limited storage and bandwidth

.Thus, shared hosting is best suitable to small websites with low traffic such as blogs and personal sites

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is similar to what it sounds: your website is hosted on a single physical server completely offered for your own personal use. You don’t have to share the server with other users, you have complete rights to use the resources of the server, and you can configure the hosting environments as per your requirements

It is expensive than shared and VPS but offers high performance and security.


The real-life example of dedicated hosting can be a house owned by you. You are the only one along with your family living in the house. No third person is sharing it. The car parking is just for your car and you can paint the house with your favorite color. But you are the one responsible for your property maintenance and it depends on you if you want to install a security alarm to keep your house safe from burglars.


You need to have the high technical knowledge or high experts to maintain or optimize the server. If something goes wrong on the server, you will need to find a solution to it and no one else will help you.


VirtualPrivate Server (VPS) Hosting


Similar to shared hosting, in VPS hosting your website shares a server with other sites, but there are just a few of them sharing space and resources and the server is divided into different virtualized server environments. Usually, a VPS hosting offers baseline resources


that you’re guaranteed and also, additional resources are made available at a moment’s notice if your site experiences a traffic spike.


The real-life example of VPS can be like living in a condo. You share the same building as other residents in a condo and are responsible for your property maintenance and any repairs that need to be done inside your condo. Additionally, there are fewer residents and you have your own allocated car parking space

Let’s now check the best managed cheapvps hosting providers of India.


Started in 2012, MilesWeb serves its customers with affordable, reliable and feature-rich web hosting solutions. Catering a customer base of over 20,000 customers, they aim at offering the best website performance with their full-fledged web hosting plans.


Cloud Powered VPS●

Select Your OS●

Select Your Control Panel●

SSDs●Free VPS Management

SSH & Root Access

●Resource Monitoring Dashboard

●Host Unlimited Websites●

Free VPS Migration●Instant Provisioning●

No Setup Fee●

Robust Infrastructure●

Enterprise-Grade Hardware●

24/7/365 Support

A2 Hosting

Based in U.S.A., A2 Hosting also caters its customers in India. The company was started in 2001 and offers the high performance servers for your website hosting. A2 Hosting’s customer’s support team is very friendly and helps in selecting the best web hosting plans for your website’s requirements

Managed VPS Hosting Plans


PS Hosting Features●

FreeSSL & SSD●

Free cPanel Control Panel●

Free& Easy Site Transfer●

Anytime Money Back Guarantee●

Dedicated IPs●

Datacenter Choice●

Root Access


Bluehost is serving web hosting services since 2003 and is an EIG owned company. Though having their origin in Massachusetts, they serve their web hosting solutions in India too.

Features●FREE Domain Name for 1st Year●

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee●

24/7 Support●Free SSL Certificate●

Root Access●Extreme Performance●

Instant Provisioning●

Guaranteed Resources●

Enhanced Control Panel

The Verdict

VPS is an affordable and reliable option as compared to shared and dedicated. You get the benefits of low prices and an isolated hosting environment with a VPS. In the above VPS providers list, if you keenly observe, MilesWeb caters you with all the features that a VPS plan should contain along with free migration and management with their managed VPS plans. So, select MilesWeb as your VPS hosting partner and enjoy the perks of best performance with their cloud-powered VPS.


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