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Proctoring services – A Complete Guide!


An examination is conducted to measure and test the ability to learn of the students. Evaluation and putting constraints on the different levels is the primary aim of the examination. Exams usually help in improvement. With immense advancement in technology nowadays, a new form of hosting exams has come up. Using the advanced AI mechanism, various test-takers have come up with the technique to conduct cloud-based online exams. These exams are conducted using online proctoring software. This proctoring tool used during the exams makes it impossible to cheat by any means.

To ‘proctor’ means ‘to supervise or invigilate’. A proctor thus is the supervising agent in the conduct of an online proctored exam. A proctor uses the proctoring services to integrate various cloud-based online proctoring features while conducting an online proctored exam.

The conduct of online exams and talent measurement tools and other certifications have been a growing trend these days. Most of the universities, institutions, and schools have a preference nowadays to conduct online exams to avoid any disruptions in the education system during the tough times of the pandemic. The use of these proctoring services to host an online exam allows an edge in terms of:

  • Reduced tolerance for browsing.
  • Eradicating any sort of fraudulent activities.
  • Providing the best and most reliable results to the test-takers.
  • Automation of the workforce, planning, and scheduling results in saving resources.
  • Convenience is topmost in the entire process.
  • No physical setup needed.
  • The global scope of operations for educational institute


There are some vital essentials that need to be assured before one uses the proctoring services to conduct a proctored online exam:

  • A webcam that has been well maintained so that candidate is clearly visible.
  • A system that must have a minimum of 1GB free space so that there is no issue throughout the process
  • A room without any sort of clutter or disturbance so that one can focus
  • The walls or the surface of the place of taking the test or a proctored exam must not show any form of visible scribbling or writings.
  • Some other requirements (as required by the proctored software installed)

Not all the courses use these proctored services for the exams but it would be justifying to say that proctored services nowadays are trending the world. Finding a perfect proctoring software is a task to be very thoughtful of. The lack of awareness of the public at large towards the proctoring environment is the major issue of concern. It is really important to understand some important features that need to be essentially present in proctoring software:


  • Anti-cheating Proctoring Tools: It is quite critical that ensure strict invigilation online the provider should also offer a secure browsing feature to eliminate concerns about on-screen cheating.


  • LMS Integration: This feature states that as the proctoring software integrates with the LMS, the platform has a layer of proctoring, comprising of credible anti-unfair features, detailed analysis, and coming up with an instant report.

  • Insightful Analysis: The proctoring services provider to be chosen must provide automatic, instant, and most reliable results.


The choice of different relevant proctoring services depends on the various characteristics of the exam like its integrity, its budget, or say the total candidates appearing in the proctored exam. The proctoring services have fully evolved the era of examination i.e. the full automation of the process for conducting exams. Beginning from designing the various tests, Scheduling these and invigilating or checking the answers to announcing the results of these exams online, the whole process has been automated. Also, the proctoring services have reduced the overall cost of conducting these exams by 50%. There are various types of online proctoring that is used by the test-takers all over the globe to conduct online exams. Some of the types of these online proctoring can be:

  • Live to proctor: In this type of online proctoring, humane invigilation is put into use. The human invigilator proctors or supervises the exam through a webcam. In case of any undesirable activity is being noticed by the invigilator or the supervisor, he/she can make use of the chatbox to seek any sort of clarification against the activity in question.
  • Auto-proctoring: This form of online proctoring uses the AI-based proctoring that supervises the webcam feeds on a real-time basis of the candidates appearing for the tests and uses various means to detect any fraudulent activity like the presence of a smartphone or another person in the room or any sort of absence of the candidate while appearing for the proctored exam.
  • Recorded proctoring: This form of online proctoring uses no real-time detection or monitoring as such. The entire audio and visual feeds and the screen-sharing feeds of the candidates are being recorded amidst the entire test duration. These recorded feeds are then later reviewed by the test-takers to detect any unfair means of taking the test on the part of the candidates appearing for such proctored exams.

Therefore, the online system of proctored examinations using proctored services has continuously proved to be the best and cheaper method of exam delivery today. Good technical knowledge of the system is the only requisite for grabbing all the benefits of the online proctored exams. The proctoring services in various countries like the proctoring services allow the exam hall experience to be recreated anywhere anytime through the online proctored examination and that too with only a single click of the mouse but what is needed the most is a steady internet connection. Online proctoring services has thus proven to be one of the most mesmerizing features of the examinations these days.

Therefore, undoubtedly in the times of this acute competition and high growth prospects in the careers today, adding to the profiles some online certified courses and degrees by some of the universities and educational institutes all across the globe through the proctoring services is a major trend.


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