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How to Talk to Amazon Customer Care – For Suspended Accounts


For Amazon sellers, an account suspension is a horrible and shocking event which makes their life turn for the worse. Within their suspensions, Amazon sellers lose their valuable time, resources, Amazon customers, and what’s more, finances. So, appealing an Amazon suspension is not the most pleasing moment of selling on Amazon.

Find a Solution for the Suspension

Let’s imagine that you have done everything Amazon told you to do. Now, everything is ready for your account reinstatement. At your, and of course, at the Seller Performance team’s hands, there is everything Amazon needs: the reason that led you to suspension, sufficient information, measures that were taken, and of course, the POA (Plan of actions). After sending the appeal, almost everyone thinks that the response will be there in a couple of days, but let us tell you, it’s only a tale. On the internet, you will probably see that the reinstatement process takes a month, or 30 days, but still, it’s not always true. Everything depends on the case and its details.

Talk to Customer Support

Some sellers, who are getting tired of waiting again and again, decide to call Amazon customer care and find out what is wrong with their appeals, and why they haven’t received any response yet. But here’s the question, how should you talk to Amazon customer care? If something goes wrong, you won’t be able to find sufficient information, and your questions will remain unanswered. It’s always a good idea to talk to an Amazon account specialist 24 hours after you are suspended. 

There are many tips that could be useful when talking with the “backroom boys…and girls.” First of all, do you really know what you should talk about, or what questions you should ask? Many Amazon sellers don’t know what to say, since their only intention was to call and aggressively ask where their response is. By the way, don’t be rude to Amazon customer care; remember that they are connected with Amazon suspensions, appeals, and most of all, your selling career. Be polite, and try to ingratiate yourself to Amazon employees. This will surely work, because everyone likes good manners, right?

Check for ASINs

Since many sellers don’t know what to say, here are the tips you should follow to have a good talk about your suspension with Amazon’s employees. For this, you should visit the backend of your account, inspect your Amazon account health and investigate the metrics, find faulty ASINs and so forth. Basically, you should have everything that you included in your appeal, and even more. You know what really works? Facts! If you have facts, you have power! If you call them without facts, they will easily break you down, and show that your call was pointless and stupid (not in these exact words!), which is not true!


Now, a little bit about the talk itself. You can ask why the final verdict hasn’t been made. Maybe there was something wrong with your appeal or the info you provided. There’s many layers to suspensions, you might have missed something. There are many tricky questions you can ask Amazon employees, which can uncover many unknown facts and data you could use for your future appeals. Luckily, our Amazon appeal service has a skilled team of professionals, who were trained to ask the right questions, at the right time and in the right place!  


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