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How to recover deleted files from Window 7/8/10-with recommendation TogetherShare Data Recovery


As we know data of computer is most important for the user such as family data, documents and specially office files. Some time user can delete some important data by mistake, which create problem for user. Don’t worry; now a day’s deleting any file/data by user is not a big problem. We have some ways to recover deleted files. In this article, let we introduce you easy guidelines to recover deleted files.

There’s a great difference between deleted files and permanently deleted files. Before you move further, you should verify that the missing files are really deleted and have not just moved to the Recycle Bin from which files /folders can easily be restored to their original location.

Part 1: How to recover deleted Data/files from Recycle Bin:

This method is very fast to restore files/data from recycle bin. But it’s on you that how quickly you can find deleted files. With following these steps you can easily recover your files.

  1. On your desktop open recycle bin icon. 
  2. Then Locate and select deleted files for restore. To select a range of files use Shift key.
  3. To select the file/folder right click and choose the restore option. You can also drag the selected file/folder out of the recycle bin.

4. After that please sure that the files or folders you restored are in the original location. Then you can exit the recycle bin if you have finished the restoring process.

Part 2: How to recover Deleted data/Files with TogetherShare Data Recovery Software

If you want to undelete data/files on your computer from the hard drive, you need professional data recovery software, which gives you the greatest chance to recover what you want. Here, we suggest TogetherShare Data Recovery that is excellent with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP/Vista/Server to recover any lost or deleted data/file. It offers popular and reliable free full data recovery software for both Windows users and Mac users to recover deleted file from hard drive and storage media device. These free data recovery software are 100% safe and clean.

Main Key Features of TogetherShare Data Recovery software 

  • TogetherShare Data Recovery can be installing very fast
  • It Works with All Windows 
  • TogetherShare Data Recovery software Latest Version
  • Compatible with Windo
  • Recover permanently deleted files/data
  • Recover deleted file due to virus infection, OS crash, OS reinstallation or update, logical error, human error, etc.
  • Recover deleted files from formatted, erased or reformatted hard drive.

 Now, follow the simple below steps and learn to use TogetherShare Data Recovery to recover deleted files.

  1. Install and run the TogetherShare Data Recovery Software on your computer.
  2. Select that hard drive where you deleted data/file. Click on scan button to precede it.

3: After completing the scan procedure, you will see all files. You can select the deleted files to recover.  

4: Check the recover files, be sure that your files/data in original form.

The Bottom Line

Honestly, recovering deleted files from a hard drive is one of the basic features of almost all data recovery software. You can compare and choose the one you prefer. Besides, to avoid future data loss, TogetherShare Data Recovery Software is a good choice for you to back up your important files to another hard drive or storage device. Although this software is helpful in most of the cases, it’s always better to prevent data loss from happening. You just need to download and install it in your computer. It is 100% secure.



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