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How to Maximise Productivity Implementing BYOD in Your Workplace


For many employers, mobile phones have been seen as a great distraction to the workplace environment as they distract productivity. However, it does not have to be this way. With BYOD policies in place throughout the office, you can maximise on productivity and set yourself apart from other businesses with policies surrounding mobile phones. To help you fully understand the benefits, we will be providing you with ways that BYOD can maximise productivity.

Flexible Schedules 

One of the biggest benefits to come from implementing a BYOD contract into your workplace is the flexible schedules. By using your own mobile phones and laptop devices within the workplace or outside of the workplace, you are able to work to your own schedule as and when you feel at your most productive. This is great for those that are travelling frequently as your devices can be used on the train or plane or other elements. 

Better Workplace Collaboration 

In addition to having flexible working hours a bring your own device contract can help to improve communication. By using applications such as Skype and Microsoft teams you can communicate effectively across several devices. By using your own devices, you are able to communicate over mobile phone calls as well as emails and businesses to ensure that your employees are accessible throughout the course of the day. This is much more reliable for sales teams that are currently working from home as calls will come through directly to these handsets, therefore, ensuring that you are working as productively as possible. 

Increased Opportunities For Creativity 

Creativity is a crucial part of any business and using your own devices can help you achieve this. Due to the employees being used to their own running software, this will allow them to use all the tools that they have at their disposal to be as creative as possible. Whether this is creating content or using the design tools, you can increase the opportunity to be as creative as possible without having to learn new software that could limit creativity. In addition to this, it creates a collaborative workspace for people to use applications that they would also use in their personal lives. 

Happier Employees With Their Own Devices  

In addition to providing them with creative freedom, allowing your employees to use their own devices can help improve productivity and overall happiness at work. By allowing them to use their own computers and phones they are able to capitalise on their own app layouts and work with applications that they are used to working with. This speeds up productivity when it comes to completing tasks and can ensure that your employees are working to the best of their ability on every task throughout the course of the working day. 

By implementing a BYOD service within the workplace, you are not only saving money but improving the level of productivity from each of your workers. Will you be implementing this policy into your working environment?


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