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Google Posts for Local SEO: 12 Facts to Know



Many services from Google can help you boost your local SEO and Google Posts is an important option from Google. It is an important feature within your Google My Business account. This article explains some useful facts that you should know before you start using Google Posts for local SEO. Continue reading if you want to learn more about this important SEO topic. 

What are Google Posts Anyway? 

According to HallamInternet.com, “Google Posts is a feature introduced by Google years ago. It allows businesses to share messages directly with their customers which shows up in the local panel on Google search and Google Maps. Google Posts enables owners of Google My Business profiles to post content directly into the search engine results pages.”

According to the official website of Google Posts, Google Posts can be used by individuals and businesses to do the following: 

  • To engage the true audience
  • To keep presence fresh on Google 
  • To convey the latest messages with potential buyers
  • To reach out to masses without spending any money

12 Google Posts Facts for Local SEO

The wait is over. Let’s discuss the most important facts about Google Posts: 


  • Tracking: It is possible to track click activity through UTM codes. Please note that it is not possible to naturally integrate Google Posts with Google Analytics. This way, one cannot get a detailed overview of the performance of Google Posts. The users of Google Posts can use Google My Business account dashboard to get some basic statistics about Google Posts. One can see more information about the users in Google Analytics and find out if they converted after visiting your site by creating a custom URL to use in the call-to-action link.
  • Promotion: The early usage of Google Posts was to raise awareness about US Presidential election candidates but it soon became a useful tool to promote individuals and businesses. It is possible to promote products or services through Google Posts from time to time. Make sure you make quality posts that your potential viewers would appreciate. It is not a good practice to only add some keywords that do not provide value to the users. 
  • Right Image Size: You should not use any image size in your Google Posts. The right size to use in the image portion of your Google Posts is 750×750. Make sure you do not use an image that is smaller than 250×250 because it would not be accepted. 
  • Start Characters: Knowledge panel can have limited visible characters. Please note that the first 100 characters of your post will show up in the knowledge panel. Mean to say, the first 100 characters of your post should be catchy and complete. In other words, the last sentence in your first 100 characters should not get cut off. 
  • Multiple Posts: Only the latest posts will show first (in a carousel format) if you have multiple posts. 
  • Image Alignment: To make your images show properly, set them as “center-weighted.”
  • Unique URLs: Each of your posts has a unique URL and you can check its URL by clicking on a post.
  • Post Frequency: It is a way to keep your audience updated. You should post regularly. 
  • No Hotel Businesses: All legitimate businesses can post except hotel businesses. 
  • No GIFs and Videos: So far, you are not allowed to post videos and GIFs. 
  • Total Ten Posts: 2.5 posts can be seen on the search results without scrolling. Through the carousel, up to 10 posts can be scrolled. 
  • Not Like Google+: The URLs to the post do not get indexed by Google. You can share them with their URLs. 


The Last Word: How to Get Started?  

If you have a Google My Business account, you should post through Google Posts to get local SEO benefits. You have read how important a role Google Posts can play in the promotion of a brand. In the end, we can say that all businesses can use Google Posts to stay in touch with their audience. 

Do you know more facts about Google My Business? Is any of the fact discussed here is not true? In the comments below, you can share more facts about Google Posts if we have missed any. I wish you all the best with your online promotion and business growth goals. See you very soon. 


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