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eSport Leagues and Tournaments You Can’t Miss


eSports is fast-evolving and the different stakeholders are reaping the benefits. Thanks to the growing interest in sports, game designers and companies are all investing in new games to introduce to the gaming public. Sure, League of Legends and Counter-Strike are dominating the scene, but more games mean an exciting landscape for the business.

For eSports players and enthusiasts, this means more games to play and bigger tournaments and leagues to participate in. And speaking of tournaments, eSports now features highly competitive and lucrative competitions for players. In these tournaments, players don’t just compete for the bragging rights but also a share of lucrative prize pools. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the most dominant eSports tournaments and leagues that are not just popular among Australian players and punters but for other enthusiasts as well.

A Few Words About Leagues and Tournaments

In eSports, you will find two types of competitions that attract the participation of the best teams: the tournaments and leagues. The primary difference between the two is the length of the competition. In a tournament, the event is completed in one day or two, while the league is hosted over multiple weeks. In the league, the teams will show up weekly, play a few eSports matches for a short time, then go home. A perfect example of this is the Overwatch League that’s held over five weeks. But if you’re looking for a quick fix or want to see the resolution of matches within the day or two, then check out the best eSports tournaments in the business.


Top eSports Tournament- The International

One of the most popular tournaments in the business is The International. This is the premier Dota 2 tournament that attracts the best teams in the world to face each other in a battle of strategies, read more on Strategygamer.net. Run by Valve, this is one of the most exciting tournaments in the world of eSports. Aside from the top-tier competition that happens here, The International is best known for its prize pool. According to industry observers, it’s one of the most lucrative tournaments in the business. In 2018, the prize pool reach more than $25 million. And for the 2019 edition, the prize pool reached more than $33 million.

Speaking of The International, Aussie teams and eSports players are some of the most competitive in the business. In 2019, an Aussie teen named Anathan Pham won several millions of dollars at this tournament, making a record as one of the highest earning-eSports players in the industry. What’s interesting about the win is the choice of character for Pham, like a floaty ball of light, lo. In Dota, this character doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but it made an impact in his team’s win. This goes to show that Aussie teams can compete in a high-level eSports tournament.

Top eSports League- Overwatch League


If you’re looking for sustained action of several days or even weeks, then an eSports league should be part of your plan. And when it comes to the best eSports league to watch and follow, you can’t go wrong with the Overwatch League or OWL. This is the official competition and league for Blizzard and Activision. In 2018, this was the most-watched league in the business. The eSports action happens in 28 matches and is scheduled for four or five long stages. In each stage, there’s a playoff tournament to decide the Stage Champions. But the real battle begins after the fourth stage.


Other Popular eSports Tournaments and Leagues You Should Not Miss


There are other exciting tournaments and leagues that you should follow for some eSports action. There’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Tournaments or called ‘Majors’. These are your bi-annual eSports tournaments that are run and managed by Valve Corporation. For many eSports players, these are considered the most important Counter-Strike tournaments in the business, and top teams from around the world participate in the competition. Although the main prize pool is supplied by Valve, the tournament is run by several eSports organizations including Major League Gaming and ESL. There’s also a popular tournament for Fortnite called the Fortnite World Cup Finals. It’s one of the most lucrative competitions in the business with a prize pool of $40 million.

For the other best eSports leagues to follow, you can also check out the League of Legends Championship Series and the Call of Duty World League. In the COD, most of the action is played in the 5v5 team modes where players participate in Search and Destroy Hard Point, and Control game types.


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