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Best Text Expansion Tools for Windows Use In 2021


If you work a lot on your computer, then you must know the medium of typing your emails or the text over and over again. Modern technology gives us a solution in the form of text expanders. By using these text expanders you are to enable quick typing by just simple keyboard commands.

But there are many similar programs present in the market. In this article, we listed the best text expansion tools for Windows. So you can know about their key features and easily decide which one is best for you. Some of them are also compatible with macOS.

FastFox ($60)

FastFox is a favorite text expansion tool among writers. It has basic automation tools for Windows and Mac users. There’s everything to fill in phrases by using shortcuts or smart autocompletion.

You’re also set up hotkeys for pictures or macros of any length. The great thing about this is that with a business license you can also share text expansions with many other users. If you want to use it for a more professional purpose, then FastFox gives you very smooth technology that can help you to do more professional things.

But, it isn’t free. Its normal price for home users is $60 or for business users is $99. 

Download:  WindowsmacOS 

FastKeys ($19, free trial available)

FastKeys another famous or free automation tool for Windows gives you a more user-friendly interface. Its latter’s programming language is very easy it has simple tips especially for beginners, but its overall experience can problematic than it’s worth.

AutoHotkey is a strong, free, and open-source Windows tool that can fulfill your work tasks. If we talk about text expansion, FastKeys simple design lets you make shortcuts for basic phrases without the need for complex scripting. It also gives you a free trial offer, if you want to use its full version then you have to buy its lifetime license for personal or business use.

If you are interested in fast typing, then its personal account at $19 account will be a good choice. You can also record basic actions on your computer as macros. And you can also fulfill your tasks by just using your mouse gestures.

Download:  Windows 

TextExpander (free trial, subscription)

If you want strong text expansion tools, then it is your good choice. TextExpander Text Expansion Tools is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS devices.

Like other software tools of its kind, it also has the classic phrase expanding powers, but its additional features increase your experience.

For instance, it has HTML, CSS, and emojis that you might wish to create shortcuts for. Its Mac version has many languages to work with. And its extensive management or sharing tools take you to the next level.

It’s a little expensive. But its basic license cost is $4.16 per month. The good deal for team users is an annually billed package, at the price of $7.96 per user. You can also try its free trial.

Download:  WindowsmacOS 

PhraseExpress ($49.95, free trial available)

PhraseExpress is the best professional Text Expansion Tools for businesses, but you can get a lot of things from its free personal version. While it’s a paid license put additional tools in front of you on the table.

PhraseExpress gives cross-platform compatibility for Windows, iOS and Mac users. It has more than text expansion through shortcuts or autocompletion, you can also correct your spelling, use phrases from MS Word, can be good use of your clipboard, and even you can shield your shared folders by using strong passwords.

PhraseExpress is expensive, even with its free version. For example, a standard license, cost is $49.95. And the price for professional users is $139.95.The great thing is that these are lifetime licenses for highly efficient programs.

Download:  WindowsmacOS 

Breevy ($34.95, free trial available)

If you need a simple and affordable text expander, then Breezy is perfect for you. It’s specially designed for fast typing, enabling you to set up shortcuts to do a great range of tasks.

You can import phrases from TextExpander or synchronize two applications for exchange files. Well, Breevy isn’t compatible with macOS, which means you can use this on other platforms.

These ingenious features make Breevy stand out among its competitors. It gives its users specific luxuries who want automation in their lives.

There’s also a free trial to try, before paying $34.95 for a full license. Breevy isn’t packed with many features, but you can trust on it.

Download:  Windows 

PhraseExpander ($149, free trial available)

It does Not matter how simple or complicated, the best text expansion tools come at a high price. It’s every package offers its users many expansion features such as spell-checking or autocompletion. And it has also the ability to use a clipboard’s history. Its professional features are sharing tools, dictionaries, and branching logic.

It’s good for intense workflows that use a backup from modern technology. That’s the reason of its high price. The cost of the standard license is $59, while a business license range is $149 to $249. But, it works only on Windows, but there’s also a three-week free trial.

Download:  Windows

Last thoughts – Save your Time and less your Effort by choosing Right Text Expander

Customizing your computer by more research on the best Text Expansion Tools for Windows. Think more about your tasks. What type of tasks do you want to do faster? Do you only use Windows? What’s your pocket?

By searching your answers, you will be able to find out the best Text Expansion Tools for Windows according to your needs. You can either use these text expansion tools as a free trial or you can also put these tools according to your pocket.


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