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Apps to Help You Adult Efficiently


You may think you’ve got it in the bag, but adulting is no easy work. You’re bound to hit a wall at some point and when that happens, you must put in extra effort to ensure it doesn’t halt your progress. Whatever problems pop up, you must address them as you go so that they don’t build up. It all may sound simple but as you struggle to get everything done, it can get overwhelming fast. You can avoid all this by being prepared and working efficiently so that when such things happen you have the time to sort them all out. These apps can help you manage your new responsibilities efficiently so that you’re never stressed out. Be sure to give them a try!


If you’re starting your adult life, the first step is getting a job to support yourself. You must network with the right people to ensure your resume reaches all the right places. So, how do you go about it?

Well, you may be an avid Instagram user with millions of followers but your focus now should turn to making your LinkedIn profile the best there is. You want to attract recruiters and ensure they like what they see. You will have to update each day and apply to job postings daily, so make sure to download this app right away. You don’t want to miss a great opportunity now do you?


So, now that you’re making money it’s time you learn how to manage it. It may take hours of hard work to get your salary but if you’re not careful it’ll disappear fast. With Mint though you’ll have all your finances in order in no time.

The app connects to your bank accounts and helps you organize and budget your income. How you ask? Well, it monitors all your purchasing and shopping activities. It tracks all the fast food you ate and the bills you must pay and lets you create goals. If you think you’re blowing too much money ordering food, you can allot yourself a set amount for dining out. You can even set aside your vacation money. Pretty cool, right?

Acorns & Stash Invest

When you’re living pay check to pay check and simply trying to maintain your current lifestyle, thoughts of investment are unlikely to make it to your mind. However, you must give them a thought if you want a good future. With Acorns & Stash Invest, you get a ton of micro-investing options that help build savings in the long run. Go to Starbucks every morning? Well, you might want to skip on that and stash the money away in savings. Sure it’s a small amount but each cent counts. Many people are unaware of the simple ways they could save. You could be as well so make sure you give this app a try.


With all the freedom adulthood gives you, it sure gives a truck load of responsibilities as well. You won’t have to deal with a nagging parent anymore, but on the downside you’ll have to be the nagging force in your life. Not many can handle that and give in to procrastination. If you want to adult the right way, you’ll want to get rid of this habit right away. It’s tough sure, but it’s not entirely impossible to do.

You can start by downloading Productive app to help you get work done. It allows you to make lists and prioritize them to ensure you get everything done in time. As you complete each activity, you’ll find yourself motivated to do work more. It’s a nifty addition to any phone for sure!


Moving into your own apartment and managing it is difficult. While previously everything used to get fixed on its own, or rather by your parents who did the hard work without you giving it much thought, now you must bear all the responsibilities living on your own entails. Luckily though, there is always help available if you know where to look. Taskrabbit lets you get the perfect handyman for all your household troubles. Need someone to arrange the furniture or is it a plumbing issue you’re having problems with? Well, whatever it is this app fill find you the help you need.


Got your house under control? Well, now it’s time to get some healthy eating habits. Eating out is great. The food is yummy, but soon enough your body will have had enough of it, not to forget your wallet which will feel immensely burdened by it all. You need healthy food that gets you all the nutrients you need and for that, you’ll have to take up kitchen duties. So, turn on the stove and get that apron on. And, get Tasty to help you out. It has a ton of great recipes you can cook with ease.

Final Words

Each one of us is different. We all have our weaknesses and strengths depending on which there may be some places where we need some extra help. We’re sure though that whatever it is, this comprehensive list has something to offer you. All you need now is reliable internet like Wow service to keep you connected. These apps will allow you to approach adulting proactively. So, go on, download away!


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