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Advantages of Robotics in Manufacturing


Robots can be defined as automated machines that can perform a compound sequence of activities. In today’s world, robots are being used to perform repetitive tasks in the manufacturing industry. Jobs that are also considered hazardous for the human undertaking are also being delegated to these robotic machines.

Some of the benefits that are being enjoyed by companies that have incorporated the use of robots in their companies include;

Quality Improvement and Low Labor Cost

With the cost of robotics gradually dropping, many companies can apply the robots in performing some of the activities that have been accomplished through manual operations previously. Some of these repetitive tasks that are being assigned to robots include; picking, packaging, palletizing, and assembling of products.

By using robot assembly, room for mistakes is usually eliminated and you can therefore be guaranteed of quality and traceability. The fact that robots also lower the labor cost can assure you of a high level of productivity and an acceptable return on investment (ROI).

There are various ways in which robots lower down the labor cost. They include; 

  • Minimizing of waste material
  • Ability to work 24/7, which ensures continuous production
  • No salary and benefits are paid to the machines
  • Being able to work at faster speeds
  • By minimizing human injuries, and
  • Freeing up the workforce; This allows the company to allow workers to maximize their skills in other areas of operations.

Increase and Decrease in Production

Depending on the market demand, a manufacturer is in a position to control the level of production. For example, he can increase production when there is a high demand by simply adding more robots.

The opposite is also true. If the manufacturer sees the need to cut down on production, all he needs to do is redeploy the robots to perform different tasks. Adding one or more robots in the manufacturing process to increase output permits the process to speedily and cost-effectively scale production up or down.

Safety to Human Workers

In the traditional way of performing tasks in manufacturing companies, humans have been exposed to dangerous jobs and working under hazardous conditions. This has affected the health and well-being of many of them.

By making use of robots, humans no longer have to undertake dangerous tasks. This is because; robots are built in such a way that they can work under any condition in any environment without altering their performance.

Some of the dangerous tasks that robots can perform include;

  • Lifting of heavy loads
  • Working in hazardous conditions such as; extreme cold or hot weather, places with toxic chemicals, spaces with low lighting, and tight spaces
  • Tasks that involve sharp objects that could be harmful to humans

Maximum Quantity and Output

Making use of robots to perform tasks in the manufacturing process can lead to maximum productivity and throughput. This is because, by being able to work 24/7, they can increase the speed of manufacturing processes. Some of the characteristics that enable robots to maximize productivity and throughput include;

  • Their ability to work without shift changes or taking breaks
  • Their ability to perform any task that they have been programmed to perform without asking any questions
  • Their ability to perform repetitive tasks while maintaining accuracy


The ability to move quickly and with precision when it comes to handling tiny parts that the human eye and fingers could not control is one reason why there is a growing number of products designed for robotic assembly. This is because the accuracy of the robot ensures that making mistakes during the assembling process is eliminated.

With the future moving away from the traditional ways of performing tasks, artificial intelligence is the next big thing. I would not be surprised if we shall see robots fueling cars in gas stations a few years from now.

Incorporating one or two robots in your company can be a sure way to enjoy all the benefits that this cutting-edge innovation is promising.


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