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5 Cost-saving Tips for CNC Machining


Regardless of what anyone tells you, CNC machining is a costly industrial process. It demands a lot of meticulous planning, expertise and manpower to machine all the parts you want.

This is because it can involve a lot of repetition in some of the processes. Furthermore, running your own CNC machine shops is too costly as well. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to cut down these costs. In fact, once you identify the reasons for the high costs, saving becomes much easier. 

Below are five tips you can try:


Outsource your machining tasks


As earlier mentioned, the cost of running your own machining shop is insane! Machining just one smart part may cost you hundreds of dollars, and take you more time than you would need.

Why not leave it to the professionals? 

CNC Machining companies like maskinfabrik have been in the industry longer and understand how to complete your machining faster and with more accuracy. Their experience in the market ensures that you won’t have to waste money on faulty productions.

Additionally, your partnership with a CNC machining company allows you to enjoy the latest CNC technology at no extra costs. You’ll also avoid the hefty costs of repair and maintenance. 


Choose the right material 


The material you choose for machining determines how long you’ll spend machining one part. Therefore, you first have to choose materials that can be cut more efficiently, such as aluminum, brass or low-carbon alloys. 

These materials are cheap, readily available and can produce high-quality raw materials. Just ensure that the materials suit your prototyping needs.

However, don’t compromise on your material quality with sub-par materials. Substandard materials often result in more costs during productions than you’d have spent with expensive material.

To cut the costs on materials, purchase the raw materials you need in bulk from the manufacturers. Doing this attracts discounts on the products.


Stick to standard tolerance 


High part tolerances are usually more expensive as it requires more machining time and requires strict inspection. If you don’t have a specified tolerance level for your parts, a cost-effective way to do it is to stick with the standard 0.125mm tolerance.

 Only go for tight tolerances when it’s necessary. Moreover, ensure that your CNC machine operator understands the tolerance requirement for any part you need.  

Keep in mind that the more accuracy you need, the higher the costs will be. So, get rid of any extra decimals on your dimension numbers.


Limit your machining time 


With cost savings, everything boils down to the machining time. The longer the machining time, the higher the costs your production will be. There are two main factors that affect machining time: material used and the part design.

Harder to machine materials take more machining time and therefore tend to be more costly. Complex prototype designs also take more time to machine and hence increase costs. 

To avoid this, reduce your tolerance requirements, use wider holes, and integrate wider internal radii in your designs if possible. But remember, in some cases, you’ll have to stick to the expensive channels to maintain your quality.


Avoid multiple-finishes


Part finishing is another crucial part of the machining process. It makes the parts more appealing and better-suited to work in different environments. However, most finish processes are usually quite expensive – leave alone multiple finishing.

 Therefore, instead of going for multiple finishing, you can use the part’s ‘as-machined finishing’ for your entire pieces. This way you’ll save more money. 

You should only do multiple finishes on a part if it’s vital.

Final thoughts

Cutting down your costs on machining isn’t as hard as you would think. It’s just about keeping things simple and avoiding any unnecessary machining processes. 

The tips above are among the many things you can do to cut down your costs. Try them today and watch as you start saving more on all your CNC machining processes. 



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